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Busting the Drug War [Lecture]

Published by Dan SW
Ethan Nadelmann have posted a lecture given by Ethan Nadelmann, former professor at Princeton University and founder / director of the Drug Policy Alliance.

Mr. Nadelmann discusses how the criminalization of narcotics is the product of a history of racist and elitist policies. He also draws conclusions regarding the use of current policy as a means to oppress minorities and the poor, and to feed the prison industrial complex, with no interest in dealing with addiction.

As government policy attempts to increase punishment for possession, this is an important viewpoint, and where statistically sound, significantly undermines the War on Drugs.

By supporting the War on Drugs, are we as the straightedge community supporting institutionalized racism and feeding the prison industry? Can you support decriminalization without supporting legalization?


The drug war is a bust, say increasing numbers of law enforcement professionals and politicians. Like Prohibition before it, not only has it failed to achieve its stated goals – it has further led to unaffordable costs, both financial and social.

Ethan Nadelmann, founder/director of the Drug Policy Alliance, the nation’s leading drug policy reform organization, traces the hidden history of drugs laws, which are intimately connected with racism and the political exploitation of people’s fears. He offers a set of practical and effective policy reforms that are now being advocated by a rising tide of former drug warriors.

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