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Charges pressed against Renouncer drummer

Published by Dan SW

Renouncer guitar player Dustin Albright following an assault

Charges have been pressed against the former drummer of Kansas City straight edge band Renouncer following a skirmish with the band’s guitar player, Dustin Albright.

Albright released a statement following the incident, including the above photo:

Tonight during a writing session for our first full length, an argument ensued outside between myself and our now former drummer Jason [Shrout]. To be clear, he sucker punched me from behind, knocked me to the ground and before I could even react he grabs me by my hair and starts smashing my face over and over again into the pavement. That’s not to say I didn’t find a moment to successfully fight back – but it was unwarranted, and it was a pussy move.

He eventually dodged off in his truck, and I managed to call 911. Charges have been pressed, and I am taking this matter very seriously. So as of now, Renouncer will be looking for a new drummer.


Dustin Albright has announced that the story was a joke meant to be shared among friends:

Okay, okay. So, what started out as what meant to be awesome trolling on friends, has turned into something that’s landed on multiple websites now.

Last weekend our drummer Jason Shrout’s girlfriend was needing extras on a short film shoot she’s currently doing. It involved us having bloodied up make up, so I snapped some photos of everyone involved, posted my photo on instagram and Facebook with a caption saying “guess I’m no longer friends with Jason Shrout” jokingly insinuating that he and I brawled it out. He did the same vice versa on the photo I took. All of my friends, knowing that I joke about everything, didn’t believe me and laughed it off. Most of Jason’s friends thought his photo was real and got concerned. We both laughed and maybe high fived or something before deciding we would keep playing off that we’re beefing and got in a fist fight.

So I, being the smooth bad dad I am, made the elaborate post accusing Shrout of what was said. He thought it was hilarious, we high fived some more.

A day or two later he finds a website that posts a story, and asks that it get retracted. I, upon counsel of many close friends, decided the ruse must go on, and post about Mike playing with us.

Today I got a text from my homie Nigel from Conflicts informing me that the news hit lambgoat. I laughed. Shrout wasn’t the least bit amused.

So, that’s the truth of the matter. Mike will be playing the next show with us, since Shrout will be on vacation in Florida – just as a one show fill in. And truthfully, anyone who is anyone knows I would destroy Shrout one on one. Which is why he is always so nice to me and invites me over to his house for pizza on the reg.


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