Go Records releases charity compilation in support of Out To Pasture Sanctuary

Vegan, Straight Edge, and Vegan Straight Edge bands from around the globe have united to contribute music to a compilation in support of Out To Pasture Sanctuary. Out To Pasture Sanctuary is a volunteer-run animal sanctuary in the Portland area caring for abused and abandoned farm animals. The compilation was put together and released by Go x Records, and features contributions by IRON, xUnworthy of Lifex, Communionist, Ecocidio, System Abuse, Tomar Control, AxAxSx, SINxDOSISxLIBERACIÓNx, WithxWar (featuring Tish Rico of xGRRRLx), and Colby Haney's Maladjusted. All told, the compilation features 28 tracks of intense animal liberation. Listen to the full compilation below.

We spoke to Marco Robles From Go x Records about his connection to the sanctuary, and how this compilation came together:

GoxRecords! started to release music and make shirts for bands 11 years ago. Through the punk and hardcore scene I found the values of veganism and edge which I still hold part of my life today.

From the beginning I wanted the label to be about more than just music. The bands that I have worked with have always been bands that talked about subjects like veganism, sexism, queer identity, poc identity and feminism. This is actually the second vegan comp. I have put together, the first one being more on the acoustic side of things and this one going back to the roots of what got me into veganism in the first place. About half of the bands in this comp. are bands that I have already released or about to release.

Since my [move] to Portland [Oregon], I have been volunteering my time at Out to Pasture Sanctuary. I simply love the sanctuary, what it stands for and how it lets me participate. This [compilation] is a benefit to try and raise some money for the sanctuary to help them with all the bills that go into running such an amazing place.

About the sanctuary:

Out to Pasture Sanctuary is an all volunteer run farm animal sanctuary. We care for abused, neglected, or abandoned animals including large farm animals, pigs, rabbits, chickens, cats, dogs and more. We promote the humane treatment of all animals and advocate for an end to factory farming through public education events at our sanctuary and in the Portland area. We promote a vegan diet for reasons of compassion, health and the environment.

The Vegan Comp for Out to Pasture Sanctuary is available now on cassette, to download, or to stream through the Go x Records Bandcamp page.