Refunds, Returns and Exchanges, Lost and Damaged Packages

What is your policy for Refunds?

Refunds can be made available in any of the following circumstances:

  • The postal service was unable to deliver your package, and has returned it to us,
  • Your In-Stock item has not yet shipped,
  • Your Custom-made item has not yet been submitted for production (Monday afternoon),
  • Your package has been delivered to you, and you have sent it back to us

Refunds are made to the credit card, debit card, or PayPal account with which the purchase was made originally.

Seriously though; if you find you can't make your rent, or buy food, or afford college because you dropped too much cash on our sick gear, then of course, do it up. We'll refund your credit card, debit card, or PayPal account; PayPal will handle all of that. Just do us a favor and don't put through a refund after we've shipped your gear!

Our refund policy is limited by our payment processors to 60 days following purchase. After 60-days, we are barred from even sending funds to some countries because of drugs and crime and stuff like that. If, after 60 days, something you have ordered breaks due to a defect in manufacturing, we will send you a replacement, a substitute, or issue a store credit. No problem, our pleasure, happy to do it.

What is your policy for Returns?

You have 30 days to return a purchase. This is where things get complicated, and where we appreciate your patience.

We are happy to accept your return. However not everything you receive can go back to the same place.

Packages shipped to you from our warehouse (items that shipped the same day) should go back to our warehouse for re-stocking:

11025 Westlake Drive
United States

Packages shipped to your from any other address (art prints, Custom-made gear) are sent to you direct from the printer, and should be returned to our offices in Canada:

PO BOX 99900 MC 310 985

You are responsible for the cost of shipping returned items back to us. The best way to send us back an item is securely in the original packaging. Make sure you use a delivery service that lets you insure your package and provides proof of tracking, since we cannot be responsible if it gets lost.

What is your policy for Exchanges?

We will provide an exchange on any item that is still available. We cannot exchange items that are out-of-stock or damaged.

We will cover the cost of shipping an exchanged item to you, including tracking.

We cannot be responsible for any customs fees, duties, or taxes on exchanged goods sent to you.

What is your policy for Lost Packages?

If you suspect your package is lost, contact your local postal service with your tracking number. If you message us, this will be our first recommendation.

If you confirm with your local postal service that your package is lost, we will conduct and investigation to confirm if your package was sent back to us.

If your package is determined to have been undeliverable, we will request an alternate address and make another attempt. If it is determined that a package cannot be reasonably delivered to region or country, a refund will be issued.

What is your policy for Damaged Goods?

So long as it's been damaged during manufacture or in transit, send us a full set of photos showing the damage. We'll submit a claim and send you a replacement. We may discuss a substitute if an item is sold out.

If it is determined that a package cannot be reasonably delivered to an address or region without being damaged, a refund will be issued.

Items that fall apart shortly after receipt as a result of a manufacturer's defect will be replaced, free of charge.

Other Issues?

If you have any other issues, please feel free to look through our Frequently Asked Questions, or Contact Us directly.

Thanks in advance for your patience, and for trying to solve your query on your own. - Dan, SW