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Magnitude: Of Days Renewed...

Without Human Trait: DK

Berthold City release 'A Moment In Time'

Ugly and Proud Records release 'Straight Edge and Proud'

No Cure release video for No Cure Straight Edge Die Slow F$%k You

Magnitude release video for 'Of Days Renewed'

XAPOTHECARYX: Purity of Flesh, S(p)oiled by Greed

Time x Heist: Split with Without Love

Power Alone: Nothingness

Legendary Weapons: Demo 2023

Year of the Knife involved in vehicular collision; serious injuries

Prison: Outta My Head

Cherish release Project XOXO

X INJVSTICE X: Demo 2023

Morning Again: Borrowed Time

Shockpoint: Rhythm Zero

Remain: End of the World

Caged: A Prison Built To Slowly Die

No Cure: The Final Truth

No Brainer: 3 Track

Moral Law: Abolitionist

Cold Shoulder: Barbirusa

xWEAPONx, World of Pleasure release split

xRISALEx: Split with Invictus