Frequently Asked Questions

How do I track my order?

1. Locate Your Tracking Number

So long as you've entered your email correctly, you'll receive a tracking number for your order, or for each part of your order. We ship our gear from up to four (4) different places, so you could receive up to four (4) tracking numbers. A shipping confirmation email is sent each time a tracking number is matched to a part of your order. For our custom made-to-order gear, you may even receive a tracking number up to 2 weeks before your gear ships.

2. Use Our Special Tracking Link

Click here and enter your tracking number. Bookmark this page!

Please note our special tracking page may take 24 hours to receive your tracking number in its database.

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I didn't receive a confirmation email with my order

1. Check your Account info

A full record of your order is held in your account. Can't access your account with the email provided, or email not found? You probably entered your email incorrectly. Use our contact form to send us the correct email, and we'll update your account info.

If there is no order information in your account, your payment didn't go through. Your order will still be in your cart. Verify with your online credit card records or Paypal account that the order didn't go through, and then place the order again. A record of your order will appear in your account immediately after placing your order, and you will receive an order confirmation email.

2. Check your Spam Folder

If your email address was entered correctly, our order confirmation and shipping emails may be in your spam folder. Regardless, all order information and shipping information (including tracking numbers) is available in your account.

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My package should have been here by now. What should I do?

If you have confirmed that your order went through, here are your next steps:

1. Confirm your package has shipped

If your order included pre-order items, it generally will not ship until the pre-order items are in stock. Your order will ship as soon as the pre-order items have been delivered, sorted (into sizes / colors), and shelved.

Your package may have also been held if there was some issue with your order, such as your size being unexpectedly out of stock, your phone camera covering your case design, or USPS not recognizing your address (rural locations). In this case, we will email you to resolve the problem. If our emails are continuously spam filtered and we are unable to resolve the problem, we will issue a refund for all items that cannot be sent and associated shipping, typically 2 weeks after receiving the order.

2. Track your Package

If your packages have shipped, but haven't been received as expected, acquire the tracking number for the undelivered portion of your order. Your tracking number can be found in your shipping notification email, or in your account. Use our Special Tracking Link.

3. Contact your local Post Office

Contact your local post office with your tracking number. Your local post office can use the tracking number to redirect your package to another address, or tell you which post office to visit in order to pick up your package.

4. Contact us

Send us an email or use our chat window. Include another way for us to get in contact with you, such as your Tumblr, Instagram, or Twitter account. Many major email providers (specifically Hotmail and Yahoo) view our elegant communications as spam, and treat us accordingly. Gmail works, and you are always welcome to contact us through our Twitter or Tumblr. Instagram is not recommended because only the last 200 notifications are stored.

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Special instructions for International Customers

Live outside the US or Canada? Of course we ship to your country - and with a tracking number too.

However, please be advised: Packages sent to international customers can be subject to more complications that keep your packages from being delivered. Often times, your English-language address is poorly understood by the local postal system, and your package is held by the local post office before being returned to us. If you live outside the US or Canada, it is very important that you verify your address with Google, and track your package.

1. Verify your Address

If your package is returned to us because the address you provided could not be properly understood, we will email you to request an alternate address. If our emails go unanswered, we will issue a refund. That's why it's super important to verify your address!

We've seen packages delivered to similar-sounding addresses on adjacent streets, similar addresses in adjacent towns, and packages refused at the border. Not sure if your address is deliverable? We recommend using Google Maps to confirm that the information you are providing matches Google's understanding of where that address is located.

Enter your address into Google Maps. Is the address understood? Then copy it word for word into your account profile. Does Google Maps have trouble understanding your address? Then the post office will too: use a friend's house, or your place of work instead. Trust us! We can no longer give refunds for addresses not recognized by Google Maps.

2. Track your Package

All International packages ship with either United States Postal Service (USPS) or Hong Kong Post tracking numbers. These tracking numbers are guaranteed to work until your package departs the country of origin.

USPS tracking numbers will continue to work in the following partner countries: Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, Great Britain, Germany, France, Netherlands, Croatia, Denmark, Spain, Switzerland, Israel and Brazil.

Hong Kong Post is part of the EMS Worldwide network, and Hong Kong Post tracking numbers work on many of the local partners. Use the EMS Worldwide list to find your local partner, and trace your package every day!

If you suspect your package has been lost, or if any warning messages appear, contact your local post office with your tracking number 7 days after your package leaves the US or Hong Kong to ensure delivery. Your local post office can use the tracking number to redirect your package to another address, or tell you which post office to visit in order to pick up your package.

Undeliverable USPS packages will be sent back to the United States, and undeliverable Hong Kong Post packages will be sent back to Hong Kong.

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Everything you need to know about Pre-Order Items

  1. These items are not made yet.
  2. Your size will always be available before printing starts.
  3. Printing starts as per the date written on the product page.
  4. Once printing has started, the quantity of each size is set in stone, and we can no longer guarantee your size is available.
  5. Sizes 2XL and larger are only available during pre-order.
  6. Printing usually takes 2 weeks, delivery to the warehouse and sorting takes 1 week.
  7. Shipping starts as per the date written in the product details.
  8. Refunds are available on pre-order items until shipping starts.
  9. All dates are estimates. We could be early, or (during busy seasons like Christmas or Black Friday) we could be late.
  10. Once shipping starts, read the next section!
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Everything you need to know about Daily Ship items

  1. These items in-stock, they are stored in a warehouse in Kansas.
  2. Your orders are forwarded to the warehouse immediately.
  3. The warehouse packs and ships US addresses same business day on orders received before 12pm Central Time, and next business day on orders received after 12pm Central Time.
  4. International orders require customs paperwork and sometimes take an extra business day.
  5. All warehouse orders are sent out with a USPS tracking number. Tracking numbers do not start working until USPS processes your package (the next day).
  6. Tracking numbers are are included in your account, and automatically emailed to you, unless you spelled your email wrong (it happens!). The email will include your tracking number, and only the items sent in that package.
  7. Daily Ship orders can only be cancelled if we receive your message before your order ships, which rarely happens! Refunds cannot be granted if your gear has already shipped, you'll have to send your gear back to receive a refund.
  8. Returns can be made direct to the warehouse - they'll handle it! Address is on your package.
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Everything you need to know about Custom-made Items

  1. These items are custom made in China.
  2. These are made (queued, printed, assembled, packaged) after you put in your order.
  3. We send your order through to the manufacturer every Sunday.
  4. They take about 1 week to make.
  5. They take about 2 weeks for delivery.
  6. All orders are sent by Registered Mail through the EMS Worldwide postal network, with an RK tracking number.
  7. We add the RK tracking numbers to your account transaction on Mondays.
  8. The tracking service (USPS, Canada Post, DHL) will be listed in the email. The RK tracking number will not work on your national postal service website until the package is in your country.
  9. Custom orders can be cancelled prior to the Sunday after you place your order. Once we transmit your order to the supplier, your order cannot be cancelled, and refunds can only be issued after you send us back the item.
  10. Do not return watches, phone cases, bags, or key chains to China! If you want a refund and you send it back to the address on the package, it's gone forever! Send it to our PO Box to receive a refund:

PO BOX 99900 MC 310 985
RPO Agincourt
Scarborough, ON, M1T 0A8

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Everything you need to know about art prints

  1. Art prints are custom printed in Los Angeles.
  2. Art is printed after you put in your order.
  3. We immediately send your order through to the manufacturer.
  4. Art prints take take about 3 - 4 days to queue, print, and package for shipping.
  5. All art print orders are sent out with a USPS tracking number.
  6. Tracking number information is automatically added to your account transaction as it becomes available, and you will receive an email notification.
  7. Art print orders can only be cancelled if we receive your message before your order goes in for printing, which rarely happens! Refunds cannot be granted if your gear has already shipped, you'll have to send your gear back to receive a refund.
  8. Returns can be made direct to the warehouse - they'll handle it! Address is on your package.
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How are payments handled and processed?

All payment information including credit card and Paypal information is handled through the Shopify architecture. We never have access to any payment information, credit card information, or Paypal information.

Credit card payments are handled through Stripe. Credit card payments can also be handled through Paypal by selecting Paypal as the payment method on checkout.

We are provided with summaries of payment activity, including failure error codes. If your transaction is declined, contact us and we can advise of the possible causes.

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The shipping fees I was charged didn't match the postage on my package. How are shipping and handling fees calculated?

The shipping fees you are charged are used to cover shipping (postage), handling, and customs fees.

Handling fees are approximately $3.50 per order and cover picking your order and freebies, packing the order with the envelope, box, and packing materials, purchasing postage, and all paperwork.

Customs fees are $6.60 an order and cover all customs paperwork and declarations for packages leaving the US.

Handling and Customs fees are the charged by our warehouse in order to be able to deliver your package to you as quickly as possible.

The total shipping fees (including handling and customs fees) for daily shipping items are listed here:

Description Detail US CAN INTL
Standard 0 - 13 oz (0.375 kg) $6 $16 $27.50
Bulk 13 oz - 2.5 lbs (1 kg) $12 $21 $37.50
Heavy Goods 2.5lbs+ (1kg+) $18 $32.50 $47.50
Free Shipping Over $100 Free Free Free over $150


Flat Rate Shipping*

Ship an unlimited number of items to the US for $5

Ship an unlimited number of items to CANADA for $5

Ship an unlimited number of items to other countries for $7.50

*Applies only to items shipped directly from Hong Kong

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What's the deal with customs and duties?

Customs and import duties aren't charged until your gear arrives in your home country. Fair value is reported on each item shipped in order to minimize the import fees.

For gear that is made in the US, shipments to addresses in the US are duty free.

Customs policies are unique to each country, and there really isn't any way for us to know what the charges will be for every country. It's your job to pay your customs duties, son.

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My size is sold out. Will you be printing more? Why not?

Heck no! But also yes.

We always print in small batches because we can't afford to keep making gear if we have a lot of unsold gear lying around. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to everyone that busts their butt to be able to grab our gear while it's still available. It would be unfair to them for us to just turn around and print more. When we say Limited Edition, we mean Limited Edition.

That said, if something is sold out and you want it, tell us! We can always make something other style of gear with the same design the following year, but we need to know what. For example, our new black tank tops feature designs that were previously available as a crew neck and a grey tank top in 2012.

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How do I get stickers, buttons, wrist bands, magnets, or patches?

We have a variety of freebies stored all over the place. you will get different freebies depending on whether you order a print, a daily ship item, or a custom made item.

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