About Us


STRAIGHTEDGEWORLDWIDE.COM is a straight edge community and magazine run out of Toronto, Canada by straight edge veteran Dan SW. The magazine was started in 2011 to celebrate the achievements of all members of the straight edge community. We achieve our goal by featuring news, interviews, photos, and music from straight edge artists, musicians, athletes, and business owners. We aim to provide you with the audience and support to start any project or career you want to pursue, no matter if its a blog, a band, a clothing company, or a business.

Our secondary mission is to educate people both in and outside the Straight Edge community about the history and culture of the Straight Edge community, beyond what can be found in the record releases of the most prominent bands.

Straight Edge veteran Dan, SW


In 2012, we began offering clothing and accessories in order to allow our community members the means to support the work that we do. We work hard every day to ensure our site is a place where all members of the straight edge community can meet and stay connected to people like them, even if they are from different cities or countries.

Looking Ahead

We appreciate your ongoing support, and we are always looking to improve on what we have to offer you. Feel free to message us with any comments or ideas - the vast majority of what we offer is developed in house, and usually involves guidance from community members like you. We'd love to turn your ideas into reality!

- Dan, SW