Guns Up!, Wisdom In Chains, Shipwreck AD, The Mongoloids: HEARTFEST 7

Published by Dan SW


Heart Fest 2013 Banner

Trop Métal Productions & Distoshop are set to present Canadian hardcore extravaganza Heart Fest 2013, reuniting a number of legendary bands this May in Quebec. Of note, the festival’s second day will feature Guns Up! from Massachusetts, and Risky Business from Halifax, before the Sunday night event feature of hardcore legends 100 Demons and a very special secret guest. Admittance will be limited to only 350 people, with 3-day passes priced at $50; all proceeds from this year’s event will be donated to Le Gîte Ami, a homeless shelter in Gatineau.

Reppin’ for the community this year, New Jersey’s straight edge band The Mongoloids, PA’s Wisdom in Chains, Shipwreck AD, Agitator, and Toronto’s Liferuiner will be joined by new school straight edge bands like Break Away, Sabotage, Ghost x Ship, Focused x Minds, War Nerve, and Raw Style.

The line-up will be rounded out by Peter Ellman’s UPLIFT, Justin Ogden’s Wrong Answer, Reign Supreme, Mike Moynihan’s Hollow Earth, and Paul Klein’s Suburban Scum.

Friday, May 3rd, 2013

St-Aloysius Church
300 l’Abbé-Murray Street
Gatineau, Qc.

(Headliner To Be Announced)

Handguns (Pure Noise Records)

Adventures (No Sleep Records – Members of Code Orange Kids)

Pentimento (Buffalo Pop-Punk)

Gates (ex-Lydia)

The Hunters (Union 2112 Records)

Esprits Noirs (Gatineau Post-Hardcore)

Old Rules (Ottawa cool and emo like Bradley-Joel Garcia)

Safe To Say (Markham Emo)

We All Rise (Gatineau Progressive Hardcore)

Saturday, May 4th, 2013

Association Récréative de Gatineau (ARG)
195 Maloney Boul W
Gatineau, Qc.

GUNS UP! (Reunion Show – 1917 Records)

Reign Supreme (Mediaskare Records)

Wisdom In Chains (I-Scream Records)

Risky Business (Reunion Show – Halifax Hardcore)

Wrong Answer (Harvcore Records – COK + Justin)

Code Orange Kids (Deathwish Inc.)

Born Low (Reaper Records)

Rude Awakening (Triple B Records)

The Mongoloids (Six Feet Under Records)

Suburban Scum (6131 Records)

Agitator (Harvcore Records)

Swamps (Western MA Hardcore)

Break Away (Solid Bond Records)

Sabotage (Climbin’ Aboard Records)

Harriers (Lifers Records)

Malfunction (Reaper Records)

Critical Convictions (Ottawa Hardcore-Punk)

Revenge (Eulogy Records)

Hammerfist (Ghost Town Records)

War Nerve (Stay Alert! Records)

Raw Style (Ottawa Hardcore – Climbin’ Aboard Records)

Sunday, May 5th, 2013

Association Récréative de Gatineau (ARG)
195 Maloney Boul W
Gatineau, Qc.

100 Demons (Hardcore Legends)

– Special Guest –

Shipwreck AD (Deathwish Inc – 1st time in Canada in FOREVER.)

This Is Hell (Rise Records)

Alpha & Omega (Bridge 9 Records)

Liferuiner (GTA Straight Edge)

Weekend Nachos (Deep Six Records)

The Beautiful Ones (6131 Records)

PERFO (Gatineau Hardcore Legends – Perfo Crew Records)

Focused X Minds (Milwaukee Hardcore)

Ghost X Ship (Seventh Dagger Records)

Exalt (Distort Entertainment)

Homewrecker (A389 Records)

Hollow Earth (Panic Records)

Nuke (Lifers Records)

War Hound (BDHW Records)

Uplift (GTA Hardcore)

Life On Trial (FWYS Records – Cd Release)