Megan Kimberling featured in Curva interview and editorial

Published by Dan SW


Straight edge model and entrepreneur Megan Kimberling has been featured in the latest issue of Curva magazine. The music and fashion industry consultant was interviewed and photographed in a feature on alternative women in mainstream fashion. Kimberling is featured alongside model and blogger Kobi Jae. In the interview, Kimberling discusses her sobriety, and the challenges of working in an industry fueled by drug and alcohol marketing.

From the press release:

Kimberling has been an active body positive advocate in the industry for the last couple years through her modeling career, for all bodies, including her fellow [straight edge] companions.

Her mohawk with visible skull tattoo, and numerous other body modifications make her stand out in the commercial plus size industry, but it is her [straight edge] lifestyle which adds another level to her non-standard resume. “I’m nearly five years sober, which makes people ask if I ever had ‘a problem’; I didn’t but my choice to claim [straight edge]was one of the easiest of my life,” she says, “It is part of me. The [straight edge]part of my life may not shine through in my art, but it is definitely in my core being. Just like how it is difficult to determine if a model is Catholic or Jewish by looking at her photos, my being sober is not a physical trait.”

Megan Kimberling

In an industry that uses drugs and alcohol in a large part of their marketing, and in most all parties and mixers, being sober can seem to be frustrating for some. Kimberling says it is just part of the job to politely decline situations she may be uncomfortable in. “Body positivity includes body awareness. I choose to keep certain things out of my body just like anyone else. My alcohol is someone’s carbs. Everyone has something they don’t want to ingest. I just have to be careful how I word any decline of drugs and alcohol in the industry so not to offend anyone.”

Photography on the piece is by Nick Holliday. Hair and makeup by Carla Simpson. Issue 14 of Curva is currently available to download via Curva was founded in 2012 as a “fashion magazine that celebrates curvy women of all sizes, with a strong passion for diversity across all boards, not just body image. We want women to love their bodies and not be pressurised by what the media portray to be ‘normal’. We want to spread a positive message when it comes to body image and want women to be body confident.

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