Anklebiter: Demo 2022

Published by Dan SW


From the band:

A straight-edge hardcore band from the northeast USA is fairly common, however, in 2022, Anklebiter differs from their contemporaries in 2022 with a refreshing, yet familiar sound. Referencing early-mid '00s hardcore from their region—particularly the sound of Lockin' Out bands like Mental and Righteous Jams, mixed with the modern sounds from Result of Choice and Krimewatch, Anklebiter plays classic loud & fast hardcore.

On their first demo, producer Will Hirst captures Anklebiter's raw and furious energy on every track. While the sound is fast and upfront, the band knows when to pull back to make a balanced, dynamic, and exciting sound. Rachael Braverman's rhythmic, shouting vocals perfectly pair with the band's aggressive, driving sound performed by members Nick Birtles (Pummel), Evan Stein (Broken Vow), and L St. Germain.

The Anklebiter demo features was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Will Hirst at Gate 4 Studios. Art is by Abby Rhine.