[AUDIO] Absent Youth: Summer Clothes, Different States

Published by Dan SW


Ohio meta-straight edge band Absent Youth have made their debut with two new songs. The shockingly good Summer Clothes and the ripping Different States are the first two singles from the band’s upcoming debut In My Head.

We talked to bass player / vocalist Geoff Stump about the new band:

All four members of the band are straight edge, which isn’t super typical in our genre, but it’s apart of us and influences some of our lyrics. Being straight edge is something we all have in common and believe in fully. We didn’t know too many bands in the straight edge scene that aren’t hardcore, so it’s kind of cool to be a bit different. We just want to play a type of music we all enjoy and people can relate to.

As for the new record, we are planning on releasing a four song EP sometime in March. We’re hoping to officially [announce] it soon.

Still no word on any label involvement for the upcoming EP. In the meantime, the lead-off singles are available through Bandcamp.