[AUDIO] AFI: Burials

Published by Dan SW


Davey Havok and Jade Puget are back with a much anticipated new album, AFI‘s Burials. This is the ninth studio album for the band, and their first since 2009’s Crash Love. Burials is the band’s first release on Republic Records, and debuted on the Billboard Top 10 chart at Number 9 largely on the strength of lead off singles I Hope Your Suffer and 17 Crimes.

Davey Havok on the release:

I’m disappointed that I was forced to return to that expected darkness that I feel is something, at this point, that has just been revisited so many times by us and by me that it’s becoming trite and expected.

It would be more gratifying to me in a way to have something else. But I didn’t have anything else.

I can only be honest in what I create and that’s all I had.

Certainly, I hope that everything we create, that the people who appreciate what we do can appreciate it on a personal level and take something from it that they need

Burials is available now through iTunes. In the meantime, stream the album here: