[AUDIO] Born Lost: 1990: Clarion

Published by Dan SW


Philadelphia hardcore band Born Lost
Former xPASSAGEx guitar player Alex Veal has teamed up with Jake Collins to bring you Born Lost, a new melodic hardcore band based out of Philadelphia. The band has just self-released their first EP, entitled 1990: Clarion, mixing the sounds of established bands like Being As An Ocean with their own distinct sound.

We spoke to vocalist Jake Collins about the band:

I hope the concept, once I can touch on it more, is something you will really appreciate, and hopefully others will too. Everything we do, even down to the name of the band, is based around the concept of embracing who you are, accepting individuality, while paying respects to what makes you that way, without it being a cliche.

1990: Clarion is available now to download or stream through Bandcamp.com.