[AUDIO] Cuando Ya No Importe release Somos La Distancia

Published by Dan SW


Cuando Ya No Importe

Saltillo punk rock band Cuando Ya No Importe (When It Does Not Matter) have released a new full length, a melodic post-punk opus entitled Somos la Distancia (We Are the Distance). Listen to the new record below.

From the band:

Espués de meses de trabajo, presentamos “Somos la Distancia”. Agradecemos a los colaboradores, artistas, productores y a todos los que nos han apoyado a lo largo del camino.
Esperemos sea de su agrado. Les dejamos el link donde pueden escuchar y descargar el material de manera gratuita.

After months of work, we present “we are the distance”. We are grateful to the friends, artists, producers, and to all those who have supported us along the way.
We hope to be to your liking. Let them the link where you can listen to and download the material free of charge.

hi! we aren’t a full edge band, but most of us, 3 of 5 members, are straight edge. Our names are Erick [and] Carlos, the [guitarists], and [Víctor on vocals]

Somos la Distancia is available now to download or stream through the Cuando Ya No Importe Bandcamp page.