[AUDIO] Die Young sign to Good Fight: Chosen Path

Published by Dan SW

Daniel Albaugh's Die Young

Daniel Albaugh (center right) and Die Young // Photo by Jessica Garcia

Following quite quickly on the signings of Down In It, Good Fight has announced their signing of Daniel Albaugh‘s Die Young. The Texas hardcore band originally ran from 2002 – 2009, but was brought back to life in 2013. Die Young join Of Feather and Bone, Kevin Iavaroni’s Old Wounds, and Mike Moynihan’s Hollow Earth on the label.

From Good Fight:

Good Fight Music welcomes Die Young to its family.

From Houston, Texas, Die Young administers a Slayerized brand of hardcore, in the tradition of Integrity, Ringworm, All Out War, and Earth Crisis. Thrash metal intensity and hardcore values unite, as vegan straightedge frontman Daniel Albaugh bears his soul on topics ranging from animal rights to the philosophies of Schopenhauer and Nietzsche.

Die Young was founded in 2002, put to rest in 2009, and rebooted in 2013. In that time the band has toured the world with a vengeance – the US (including Alaska), Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Central America, South America, Europe, Russia, Japan, Hong Kong, and beyond – and has shared stages with a massive list of bands that matter, from Cro-Mags, to Catharsis, to Modern Life Is War. The band has released a slew of recordings on such labels as Eulogy and A389.

Die Young will release a new record entitled No Illusions in 2016. Recording will begin in March. In the meantime, check out Die Young’s last release, 2013’s Chosen Path: