[AUDIO] Edge for Autism compilation released

Published by Dan SW


Edge for Autism

Rikk Cavin‘s Edge for Autism compilation is now complete. The record is being put out on Cavin’s own Optimist/Pessimist Records in support of 501(c)3 not-for-profit Include Autism. The compilation features contributions from straight edge bands like Spirits, xKINGx, xSCHOCKx, Proletariat Youth, JUDGEMENTxDAY, xFORTRESSx, CLIMATE, and Cavin’s own JASONxVOORHEES, alongside hip hop artists like SE Frank, xIRREVERSIBLEx, and vxDEDxv. A number of other straight edge community members contributed songs from their bands. Listen to the full comp below.

We spoke to Cavin about the comp:

I am stoked to have the help of all of these awesome bands in putting this compilation together. As mentioned before all proceeds will go to Include Autism, a San Diego based non profit whose goal is to empower individuals with autism by providing community access and meaningful skilled building programs. This is not solely for promoting music and this is definitely not for glory, this is to help make a difference.

Thank you!

From the official release:

Include Autism is a not-for-profit, 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to empower individuals with autism by providing community access and meaningful skill-building programs, while engaging the community through outreach and education. Include Autism began as Community Coaching Center (CCC) in San Diego in 2003. The community-based social behavior program was founded by Include Autism’s Executive Director Tina Waters, MA, Autism Specialist with the goal of providing school-aged individuals with autism the experiences and support they needed to become active and included members of their community. Starting out over 10 years ago with just three participants and two staff, Community Coaching has grown to meet the increasing demand for autism services. Now serving clients across San Diego County and running several outreach and education efforts, the organization takes on a much bigger role as Include Autism – a comprehensive nonprofit organization that facilitates and promotes autism inclusion in all aspects of the community.

The Edge for Autism compilation is available now to download or stream from the Optimist/Pessimist Records Bandcamp page.