[AUDIO] Former States: Heritage

Published by Dan SW


Metro Detroit gloompop band Former States

Alex Boundy and Tim Maze live in Detroit and make music with their new band, Former States. They’ve just put out their first EP with the band, a wonderful record entitled Heritage.

We spoke to frontman Alex about the record:

These 5 songs encompass all that we are, but most importantly, all that we’re not.

We’re not necessarily trying to be anything specific. We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel. We’re not trying to make music we think others will like. We get together and write songs that we ourselves would genuinely listen to.

People can categorize us however which way they’d like, but we’re just an Emo band that delves back into the roots of Hot Water Music, Jawbreaker, etc.

We got to work with Nick Diener while recording Heritage, who is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. He naturally clicked with us and really understood what we were about. I think that really shows through in the sound of our record.

If you enjoy bands like Title Fight and Basement, I think you’ll be inclined to enjoy us as well.

Heritage is currently available on cassette or for download through the Former States Bandcamp page.