[AUDIO] Gab De La Vega: Never Look Back

Published by Dan SW


Vegan straight edge folk punk acoustic artist Gab De La Vega

Do you know Gab De La Vega? The XVX singer-songwriter writes catchy acoustic folk-punk and is based out of Brescia, Italy. Kind of like a vegan straight edge Billy Bragg or a Billie Joe Armstrong solo project, but with an accent.

De La Vega has just issued a vinyl release for his latest album, Never Look Back, which is also the standout track on the album. Listen to the full album stream below.

From the artist:

You can download the album for free or name your price. If you like it and you want to help me cover the recording costs, feel free to donate. Thanks!

Never Look Back was recorded, mixed and mastered Simone Piccinelli. Production and arrangements are by Gab De La Vega and Simone Piccinelli. Artwork is by Katharina Rot Illustration.

The album is available now through a wide host of partner labels on vinyl, CD, and tape. The full list of partner labels, including De La Vega’s own Epidemic Records, is available on the Gab De La Vega Bandcamp page. Catch Gab on the road in Europe and the UK starting this week.