[AUDIO] God’s Hate: Mass Murder

Published by Dan SW

Nate Hate (center) and Colin Young (center right) of God's Hate

Nate Hate (center) and Colin Young (center right) of God’s Hate / Photo by Danielle Parsons

Nate Hate and Colin Young have unleashed a beast with the debut of their latest album Mass Murder, produced by Taylor Young. The record, out now on Justin Louden‘s Closed Casket Activities, is a modern take on classic metal-influenced hardcore. Listen to the new record below.

From frontman Nate Hate (Brody King)

After a year we finally get to release our first LP. 2 years ago I just wanted to start a band to play some shows with my friends now we are going to Japan in a couple months. Thank you for the support and caring about this music we make.

Thank you [Justin Louden] [Taylor Young] [Marc Nava] [Brad Boatright] [Slowly We Roll Vanzine] and [Danielle Parsons] for making this record sound and look better than I could have imagined. this is just the beginning

Mass Murder is available to download or stream through the Closed Casket Activities Bandcamp page. The record is also available on vinyl through RevHQ.