[AUDIO] If I Fail: Self Titled Debut EP

Published by Dan SW

If I Fail

Colin Mulhern (center) and Patrick Carney (center right) with If I Fail

Colin Mulhern and Patrick Carney have just released a self-titled debut EP with their band If I Fail. The Denver, CO pop-punk band was formed in 2014 and is backed by frontman Colin’s clothing line Darkly Apparel. Listen to the new record below.

We spoke to vocalist Colin about the record and band:

We all come from a hardcore and metal backgrounds and our music definitely reflects that. We’re a pop band but we’ve definitely got some heavier elements to us. What drives us to make music is probably no different from anyone else. I (Colin) personally want people to know that I’m here and I care. I want to give people something they can relate to and really vibe with. I want people to have my music as an outlet when they may not have anything else. I write lyrics that all can relate to or could have related to at one point in their life. I believe people want something real and if If I Fail is anything, it is that. This is what we love. We’re poor street kids trying to make our dreams come true. Kids from the neighborhood trying to do good. We feel that life is pointless if we’re not doing what we love.

Our band is the necessary black cloud of rain for [everyone’s] naive mindset. We focus on a lot of life’s harsh realities and the more negative side of things, but only because we believe it’s focus worthy. If you can’t acknowledge the evil in this world, how can you change it? How can you fix it? We’re not alone in this way of thinking so we’re gonna play our music and cater to those who feel the way we feel.

The If I Fail self-titled debut EP is available to download or stream through the band’s Bandcamp page. The band has also just released a lyric video for the song Frozen.