[AUDIO] Kept At Bay break up: Something Honest

Published by Dan SW


Bryce Marshall’s Kept At Bay have broken up. The Richmond, VA pop punk band released three EPs and an unplugged record since forming in 2014. The band’s final EP Something Honest was released in June of 2016. Listen to the feisty final record below.

We spoke to Bryce about his band and the record:

Something Honest was our way of saying the things we’ve always wanted to but never knew how. It was our way of finally telling people and everyone who follows the band exactly how we felt about the things we’ve been through.

From Marshall’s Instagram:

As many of you have seen today Kept At Bay has come to an end. I can’t begin to thank everyone who ever supported this band in anyway through getting us a show, buying merch, coming to a show or giving us a place to stay for the night. None of this would have been possible without your support. This is certainly not the end of us being involved in the music scene, we will all be around. Thank you all so much for believing in me and the music I have made with these guys. Details regarding one more show will be announced soon. Please keep an eye out for it.

Kept At Bay are set to play their final show on January 20, 2017 at Canal Club. In case you can’t be there, Something Honest is available to download or stream through the Kept At Bay Bandcamp page.