[AUDIO] Kotic Couture: Uncrowned King

Published by Dan SW


Maryland rapper Kyle K0tic Couture has set the bar for the straight edge hip hop community with his newest release, a mixtape by the name of Uncrowned King. Kyle brings it on eight tracks of hype beats, solid production, and incisive lyrics fueled by Couture’s experiences coming up in the Kent County scene. Stand out tracks are definitely His Story, and Turnt Up.

Uncrowned King is a step in a different direction. Taking a step back from the synths and club beats he’s known for. Kotic set out to capture his hip hop audience with this mixtape.

The album was recorded at recorded at Andover Studios, with mixing and master is by Hayden Chance and Aaron Maloney. Guest vocals were provided by Kierra Sharae, Malikah Rashidah, Breezy Go Hard, and Rav Tha Prodigy. Uncrowned King is available now through the Kotic Bandcamp page.