[AUDIO] Lilith: Bloom

Published by Dan SW


Sarah McCann and her band Lilith have put out a fierce new record called Bloom. The Phoenix, AZ band refers to themselves as punk feminist doom, but you will probably refer to them as “that sick new punk band out of Phoenix, yeah that one with the ridiculously heavy songs and that banshee singer”.

We talked to Sarah about her band, the new record, and specifically the song “Fuck Yr Brotherhood”, about her tenuous relationship with the straight edge community:

Fuck Yr Brotherhood is about the bullshit that is straight edge among hardcore bros. I’ve identified as straight edge since I was fifteen, and I’ve never felt included or a part of the “welcoming brotherhood” that straight edge communities boast about (largely due to the fact that I’m not a dude).

Outside of straight edge and within the broad spectrum that is hardcore, there is still a fine line of separation between genders, which punk has always sought out to abolish. The fact that societal norms have found their way into our scene, too, really bums me out. More than anything, it’s upsetting that something a lot of women and non-binary people find a safe zone in is rampant with the oppression we face on a day to day basis.

It’s bullshit. This is ours, too.

Bloom is available now through the band’s Bandcamp page.