[AUDIO] Mind Awake: Demo 2015

Published by Dan SW

Paris straight edge band Mind Awake

Paris straight edge band Mind Awake

Today we are featuring the debut demo from Paris straight edge band Mind Awake. The demo was originally released in 2015, but now seemed like a good opportunity to show our support for our community members in the France straight edge scene. Mind Awake is made up of former and current members of Disloyal, Science Of Depravity, Polair, New Fury, and Praetoria. Listen to the demo below.

We spoke to guitar player Guillaume about his new band and the record:

We are Mind Awake, we are from Paris, France, we’re all straight edge and I guess we’re pretty much the only Edge band in our area at this moment. No matter what the others can think, to us, it is not a detail. It is important to be able to express ourselves the way we want.

This is our first demo and it is already huge for us. We’re all big passionates, who knew several disappointments with our former projects. To do Hardcore in France is not that easy. You have to chose the right team, true friends you can count on, to make a cool band happen. We also have the chance to come from Paris where we have a lots of friends ready to support us in every way they can, especially our good friend xNiamorx who take us with him on his cool label, PPB records.

We are young, we may have a lot to learn but I think we are on a good path. We hope this demo is the beginning of something big, and we would be grateful if you could help us with that.

Mind Awake’s 2015 debut demo is available on vinyl and cassette through xPetit Papa Bastonx Records. In the meantime, the record is available to download or stream through the Mind Awake Bandcamp page.