[AUDIO] Miseria release Crisis

Published by Dan SW


Costa Rica straight edge band Miseria

Costa Rica’s Miseria have released their first full length record, entitled Crisis. The San Jose hardcore band was formed in 2014, and features an all-straight edge line-up. Listen to the new record below.

We spoke to frontman Israel Delagado about his band, and the record:

We are a very young Hardcore Band from San José Costa Rica which tries to create some kind of uncomfortability in the way we live our lives through our music and lyrics with the intention to create some reaction for better days, listening about our closest friends and family stories, personal situations and from the mistakes we have learned to become the people we currently are.

We have been active for arround 1 year and a half [now], toured Mexico just a week ago and we consider ourselves as a Modern Hardcore or Melodic Hardcore band, influenced by bands such as Killing the Dream, Dead Swans, Modern Life Is War, The Hope Conspiracy among many others.

Crisis was recorded, mixed and produced by Kenn Wall. Cover art is by Gabriel Calan. The record is available now to download or stream through the Miseria Bandcamp page.