[AUDIO] Remembering Never: This Hell Is Home

Published by Dan SW


North Florida juggernauts Remembering Never returned this past November, ending a seven-year hiatus with the release of their first new album since their 2006 Ferret Records release God Save Us. The new record, entitled This Hell Is Home, is a return to form for the band, delivering the kind of intensity that has been unheard of in the intervening years.

From the press release:

After a seven-year hush, Remembering Never return to incite an audible catastrophe that has been sadly missing in the metal and hardcore world since their absence. Being no strangers to controversial subject matter, Remembering Never has returned with twelve tracks that pick up where “God Save Us” left off, belting out songs of social injustices and issues that have been overlooked in your content, comfortable, cookie-cutter lives.

From the Broken Hive Records release:

In a world with so much to talk about, Remembering Never have never shied away from controversy and This Hell Is Home is no different, a reignited hatred for the injustice in the word has lead to some of the most ferocious cuts of Remembering Never’s history. Seven years since the release of their last album, Remembering Never are back to remind the world why they rose to the height of the metalcore world in the mid 00’s.

Having toured heavily since their foundation, the band took time off after 2006’s God Save Us, taking up other projects before bringing the band back together in 2009 to start work on their next album, the album that would become This Hell Is Home, their most accomplished, heavy and definitive album to date.

This Hell Is Home is available now through Pete Kowalsky‘s own Dead Truth Recordings. The album stream is provided by the Australian label Broken Hive Records: