[AUDIO] Six of Swords: Polar Vortex

Published by Dan SW

Toronto metal band Six of Swords

Six of Swords featuring Rino James (center left) and Steve Parkhill (center right)

Toronto’s Six of Swords have just released their latest record in collaboration with Brad Zorgdrager‘s Sorrow Carrier Records. Polar Vortex features four tracks of crushing, well-produced metal in the vein of Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation, and Crowbar. And if it sounds like this record is meant to be listened to while pushing weight, it’s no coincidence: guitar player Steve Parkhill runs Steve Parkhill Personal Training, and bass player Rino X James Matarazzo competes on the powerlifting circuit.

We spoke to guitar player Steve Parkhill about what the band is currently working on:

We will have physical records in 3 weeks through sorrow carrier records. We have a few shows coming up this weekend as well as more being announced soon.

Polar Vortex was recorded and engineered in November 2014 by Greg Dawson at BWC Studios, and features artwork by Alex Snelgrove. Zorgdrager‘s Sorrow Carrier Records will be handling the vinyl release, which sounds intense: he is pressing label-less clear / blue smoke platters, with six screen-printed swords meeting at the middle.

In the meantime, push some weight and bang your head: Polar Vortex is available to download or stream through the Six of Swords Bandcamp page and below: