[AUDIO] Spirits: Discontent

Published by Dan SW


Boston straight edge band Spirits

Boston straight edge band SPIRITS has released their latest album, a full length called Discontent. The record was partially recorded by, mastered by, and features Charles Chaussinand, formerly of Test of Time. The full length comes on the heels of the SPIRITS s/t EP released this past February.

We spoke to Kevin from the band:

It is hands down one of the most important releases I’ve ever been a part of out of countless bands and half a lifetime worth of playing music with friends.

The record itself encapsulates a wide range of ideas and topics, most of which are pretty personal/introspective but there are others that also touch on a lot of societal events that are (sadly) becoming an every day occurrence in most of our lives, especially here in the US. I’d really appreciate it if you took 24 minutes to give the LP a listen. Thanks for checking it out regardless!

The band has offered the record for ‘pay what you want’ download through, or for free download through Mediafire. Listen to the new record below: