[AUDIO] The Mongoloids: Mongo Life

Published by Dan SW


New Jersey straight edge band The Mongoloids have surprised with the release of Mongo Life; their third full length through Six Feet Under Records. The band has somehow managed to deliver a record which might qualify as one of the best thrash metal albums of the year.

First impression is that serious tribute is paid to early thrash acts like Master of Puppets- or Ride The Lightning-era Metallica, especially on opening tracks like Smoke Signals, Live This Way, and Did You Figure Out An Anthem?, which also references …And Justice and Ozzy’s I Don’t KnowTime Capsule effectively lays down a Shortest Straw vibe. Room to Grow introduces a sweet Pantera influence with plenty of nods to Master of Puppets. Of course, all the rules are broken for the final track on the album, which pays tribute to the struggles of life and showcases the band’s talent for uh, songwriting.

Meanwhile, in the vocals department, Mongo Greg Falchetto is a formidable Guy Picciotto from In On The Killtaker-era Fugazi. Occasional references to Lemmy, Jello Biafra, Keith Buckley (Every Time I Die) and Walter Schreifels vocals in Quicksand.

All in all, the album plays as a well-written, well-produced thrash album.  Hope you weren’t expecting hardcore!