[AUDIO] True Love: New Young Gods

Published by Dan SW


Today we are proud to feature a solid record by a young straight edge band out of Michigan. True Love play straight edge youth crew and have put out a solid record entitled New Young Gods on React! Records. The Detroit band was even able to recruit Ev Wivell of Mindset for the kickoff track Non Places. Listen to the new record below.

From React! Records:

Building on the sound and style of their incredible demo, NEW YOUNG GODS is a fast, thrashy and intense hardcore record that brings to mind turn-of-the-millennium hardcore bands like Carry On, Count Me Out and American Nightmare. Feeling right at home on REACT! Records, True Love is poised to carry the torch of sincere, passionate and raging straight edge hardcore for the next generation.

New Young Gods was recorded at Bricktop Recordings in Chicago by Andy Nelson. The record is available on vinyl through the React! Records store, with digital downloads through the React! Bandcamp page.