[AUDIO] Vingança’83: Hardcore Sem Patria

Published by Dan SW


Vingança’83 are an old school hardcore band based out of the Sao Paulo region of Brazil. Recently the band provided four songs to a fanzine compilation released though the DIY label Existência Ativa (Active Existance), run by their Hardcore Sem Pátria (Hardcore Stateless) collective. The band features straight edge vegetarians Maldito on guitar, Camarada Renan on bass, and Roberto Kanella on vocals.

We spoke to vocalist Roberto Kanella about the songs:

As a band we stand against all kinds of oppression like racism, homophobia, machismo.

Máscara (Mask), is about how much we’re fed up with our leaders that only tell us lies and keep us blinded and trapped in this fucked up situation.

Religião Ltda. (Religion Inc.) deals with the real purpose of these institutions, which is to make a lot of money by cheating people with gospel lies. No more priests, tv evangelists greedy bastards.

Morte à Tropa de Choque (Death to the Cops) is self explanatory, No more police brutality!

Policia do Pensamento (The Thought Police) a George Orwell’s book reference, about the São Paulo hardcore/punk scene. Unfortunately some people here judge others for stupid reasons, like the way he dresses or if it he is punk or skinhead or straight edge. People who want others to follow their standards, saying what is right or wrong to do. Acting like real cops.

The Hardcore Sem Patria EP is available now through Bandcamp.