[AUDIO] With Hell At Our Backs lose frontman; members to form new band

Published by Dan SW


Nashville metal band southern metalcore band With Hell At Our Backs  have announced the departure of frontman Tyler Quillen.  The announcement comes shortly after the release of a new single entitled Black Mamba, which had been set for inclusion in an upcoming album.

From the band:

As some of you may have heard, we have reached a crossroads as a band. Growing up playing music, you realize that it becomes more and more difficult to financially support the band you’re in. All of us in this band have experienced those reasons on multiple occasions.

Over a week ago, our singer Tyler Quillen has decided it is his time to give up his duties in the band. Despite all of us being aware of his impending departure, it somewhat hit all of us on the head at the last minute.

After much discussion, we have come to the conclusion to retire the name With Hell at Our Backs because Tyler essentially was this band. We will no longer be playing any music off of Too Damn Bad!, The Bastards EP, or Motivation.

Instead, we are going to take some time off to finish up this new EP and release it under a different name (which will be announced in the near future). We are nowhere near done with this band or breaking up by any means. We’re just opening a new chapter. Progressing further as musicians.

Our last show as With Hell at Our Backs will be on MAY 25TH AT THE ROCKETOWN OUT OF SCHOOL BASH. After that, we will be going into hiding for a short time. See you soon, world.

With Hell At Our Backs started in 2009. Black Mamba can be heard below: