[AUDIO]Test Of Time sign to Bridge Nine Records

Published by Dan SW

Chris Wrenn‘s Bridge Nine Records have announced their signing of Boston straight edge band Test of Time. You may have seen Test of Time featured in our 2013 straight edge photography calendar, shot by photographer Angela Owens. Test of Time was formed in 2012 by Boston-area photographer Todd Pollock, a fixture at local shows.

From Bridge Nine Records:

The band, featuring noted Boston-area photographer Todd Pollock (vocals) alongside Charles Chaussinand (guitar  ex No Harm Done, Offsides, Make or Break), James Christopher (guitar/vocals  ex The Effort), DJ Butler (bass) and Jeff Novak (drums) quickly self-recorded and self-produced their debut 10 song EP Inclusion.

The band quickly caught the attention of Bridge Nine label owner Chris Wrenn and the partnership with Test of Time was almost immediate. The band said they are excited to work with Bridge Nine as the label “…inspired us and continues to inspire generations of punk/hardcore music.”

Test of Time will release both a new 7-inch and a full-length LP on Bridge Nine Records in 2013. In the meantime, here’s 2012’s Inclusion: