CLEARxCUT: Age of Grief

Published by Dan SW


 German Vegan Straight Edge band CLEARxCUT have released a new record, entitled 'Age of Grief'. It is the first release for the band on LIFEFORCE Records, following the release of their first two records on Catalyst X Records in 2019 and 2022. Listen to the new record below. 

From the band:

It was a long way to get back on track after most of the band decided to leave before the release of 'Songs of Desire armed‘ (2022). But Marco and Gabriel stayed determined to keep CxC going with the same love and compassion that has always represented this band. Luckily Max, Tim and Tobi completed the ranks and we can share the same compassion and energy for keeping the vegan straightedge and [CLEARxCUT] alive.

Being a complete vegan straightedge band brings some difficulties, as you can imagine, but we want to share our love for this with our fans and listeners and invite them to join the revolution.

And what else can we say, than we’re back, stronger than ever with the release of 'Age of Grief‘! This release means a lot to us and we’re more than happy to have Stefan from Lifeforce Records on our side, who is super involved with this. It’s a complete pleasure to have him in our team! Hope to see some of you live at our shows! Thanks for keeping the spirit alive!