Dare to Be: Time Is the One Thing

Published by Dan SW


In preparation for the upcoming release of the new Rig Time record, today we are featuring the last record from Wiscarolina Straight Edge band Dare to Be. Dare to Be's second EP was originally released in August of 2021 and features Rebecca and Bryan Fleming of Rig Time on bass and guitar respectively. Listen to the new Dare to Be record, 'Time Is the One Thing', below. 

From the label:

Dare to Be is the collaboration between Bryan Fleming (Rig Time, from Wisconsin) and Kyle Taylor (Crafter, Blind Idol). Having been friends for several years, and always having songs to write, the duo decided to forge a largely unpredictable melodic "something" or other with Dare to Be. The two met while their other bands (at the time, Crafter and Rig Time) were on tour together in the Midwest. Neither of the duo had a straightedge-focused project, and so they decided to funnel that energy into what became "Moment of Choice,” which ultimately saw their writing at their angriest. "Time is the One Thing," their first batch of songs in two years, sees a band in a more reflective and aging state, charging forward with melody, but assured in the humility that only time can deliver with equal parts grace and sorrow.

'Time Is The One Thing' is available now on cassette through Patient Zero Records. Photo by Tyler Mazza.