Los Vencidos: Punk Rock Is Not A Crime EP - audio

Today we are featuring Argentinian Straight Edge band Los Vencidos (The Losers/Vanquished) and their second studio album, entitled 'Punk Rock Is Not A Crime'. Listen to the record below.

From the band:

Los Vencidos is a [Straight Edge] band formed in early 2016, strongly influenced by the Ramonescore style. [They] released their first album “Los Vencidos” in 2017, which was released and distributed in Argentina by the Catarata Records and Disco Fax labels, in Europe by the Picnic Recs label and in Japan by Waterslide Records.

[Their] second studio [record] “Punk Rock is not a crime” (2019) consists of 4 songs with a much more [pop-punk] sound with more adult-themed lyrics without neglecting the tune-up tune and speed. Of these two concepts, adding a more pop sound, they manage to reach an excellent result.

The band stands out for being a participant in many compilations published in other continents as well as in Argentina and making only 2 live performances per year which transmit all their energy.

Los Vencidos is made up of Esteban Rivero on vocals and guitar, Javier Fratte on drums, and Aku on bass and backing vocals. [The] 3 musicians are from the hardcore scene of the 90s.

Recording by Luis Ponja Tukera. The record is available to download or stream through Bandcamp.