Planet On A Chain: Boxed In

Published by Dan SW


Today we are featuring the latest record from Oakland, CA Straight Edge band Planet On A Chain.  The band features Brian Stern of Punch, Dave Ackerman of Obedience, Moses Saarni of Look Back and Laugh, and Tobia Minkler of Ex Youth. Listen to 'Boxed In' below.

From Revelation Records:

Planet On A Chain, or P.O.A.C., are hardcore lifers. In their short history, P.O.A.C. recorded demos in their practice space which were released on respected independent labels Blind Rage Records and 625 Records/To Live A Lie Records. "Boxed In" is the band's first full-length and is a scorching hardcore blast delivered the way the founders of the genre intended: fast, raw, angry, and decidedly punk.

 'Boxed In' was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Atomic Garden East. Cover photo by Rob Coons. Vinyl release by Revelation Records.