Shockpoint: Rhythm Zero

Published by Dan SW


It feels like just yesterday I was telling anyone who would listen about a heavy-ass demo from a new Phillipino Straight Edge band by the name of Shockpoint. Well Shockpoint are back with their debut EP 'Rhythm Zero'. The record dives deep into the darkness of the human condition, exploring the evil that people are capable of when they feel there are no consequences for their actions, and commenting on the pro-life movement, and religious wrongdoing. Listen to the new record below.

We spoke to the band about their new record:

Yo! We started this band a year ago when Joe showed us one of his old bands’ unused material from years back that he wanted to repurpose, that ended up being our demo which was mainly influenced by Turmoil and Foundation. After releasing the demo we immediately started writing for the EP which would still be influenced by the likes of Turmoil and Deadguy but we wanted to add significantly more eurocore elements to our sound, you’d probably notice we took some cues from Sentence, Congress and xServitudex. Thematically our band has always been about facing the world for the hellhole that it is, but also refusing conformity and choosing to resist rather than cope.

Shoutout to da homies @ Barred, Irrevocable, Clean Slate, Sandy Good, Past Forward, Warcrimes, Still Ill Records, The Coming Strife Records, Medusa’s Lair Records….

Massive thanks to Unite Asia and Straight Edge Worldwide for the support!