What Counts: Indiana Straight Edge

Indiana Straight Edge band What Counts have released a debut EP, repping their home state. This is the first release from the band since forming earlier this year. The band features members of Full Stride, Senescence, and Velocity. A tape release is being handled by frontman Chance Allen's own RTR Tapes. Listen to the new record below.

We spoke to front Chance about the record:

Yo! We’re from Bloomington IN/Indianapolis IN. We’re members of Senescence, Full Stride, and Velocity. There weren’t any straight edge bands in the state so we decided to make one. Fiona plays guitar, Will plays bass, I (Chance) sing, and Lucas plays drums. Big inspo’s are Step Forward, Mental, Carry On, Minority Unit, Youth of Today, and Anklebiter.

'Indiana Straight Edge' was mixed and master by Bill Stack. Artwork is by Joey Goergen.