X INJVSTICE X: Demo 2023

Columbus, Ohio vegan Straight Edge band X INJVSTICE X have released their debut demo, and it is nothing short of brilliant. Defiantly vegan Straight Edge, creative, and brutal, it is a phenomenal debut from the talented Andrew Theller. Listen to the new record below.

We spoke to Theller about the record:

Hey! I’m Andrew from xinjvsticex. You can catch our debut release, DEMO2023, on Bandcamp! We’re vegan straight edge from Columbus, Ohio. Our demo has a few bangers on it, like Swine, which is about the cruelty that pigs endure at farms— at the hands of alcoholic and/or drug-addicted farmers. We’ve also got the song FUCK CPD. For anyone unaware, the police department in Columbus gets over $350,000,000 every year and public schools only get about 15% of that amount. So yeah, fuck them. And lastly, Disemboweled, which essentially asks how it’s possible to humanely disembowel somebody. And if it is possible, why don’t we do it to fascists instead of innocent animals.

So we’ve got a lot to say! We’re already waist-deep on another single, which will feature 8 string guitars in microtonal tunings! So even if you aren’t vegan, we encourage you greatly to give us a shot, and hear what we have to say. And stay tuned for even heavier releases. Thank you STRAIGHTEDGEWORLDWIDE for letting us share our piece, and giving platforms to small independent artists!