xRISALEx: Split with Invictus


Goddamn there is some fierce music coming out of Istanbul these days. I guess living under authoritarian rule will do that to you. xRISALEx have released a split with Invictus, and suffice to say it is heavy. Listen to the record below.

From the band:

Thankss to: Nikolay (Ugly and Proud records), xINVICTUSx, Ceyhun Azeroğlu, Aura Tepe, Emre Terzioğlu, Yasin Uğur Güder, Mutlu Oral (Mevzu Records), Mario Garofano, Tamerlan Yusifov, Furkan Sönmez, Tan Serdar, Arda Koçakoğlu, Zafer Dilencikaya, Adamlık Büyük Meclisi, Tim Rule (BBMA Records), Guillaume (Youth Authority Records), Andreas (Final War Records), Max (Passion Means Struggle), Pierre Pasbesoindesavoir, Jean Relapse, Nairn (RIP Wretched Records), Max (Makima Records), Malignant, Pembe, Hatespeech, b12, plein de vie, Jornada del Muerto, Iron Deficiency, Escalate, Devour, Caged, xUntold Sufferingx (RIP), One Against All, Potlatch, Buhran, Standback, Moral Law, our moms, all our family and friends in Istanbul and Lyon and everyone who has ever supported us.

The xRISALEx split was recorded, mixed and mastered by Ozan Güner and Ceyhun Azeroğlu.    Physical records are available through Ugly and Proud records