Chris Hansen, No Sleep Records, fights back following OC Weekly Feature

Published by Dan SW


If you live anywhere save under a rock, by now you have heard about what is these days recognized as “the most misinformed list of Top 10 Best Straight Edge Bands Ever,” recently published by Los Angeles newspaper the OC Weekly. The article, entitled A Straight Edge Dude Tells Us His Top 10 Favorite Straight Edge Bands, was originally published by writer Lucas Chemotti.

The creator of the list, No Sleep Records founder Chris Hansen, has written an open letter for Alternative Press Magazine, commenting on the original article, and the apparent misinterpretation of his listening recommendations:

From what I understood, the article was to be a list of 10 straight-edge bands that I personally enjoyed. Since I was putting together a personal list in essentially random order, I decided to pick bands outside of what you’d see on a cliche “Best Of” list.

So there you have it.

If you still want to debate endlessly and mercilessly on the top 10 straight edge bands of all time, Chris has offered the following list:

1. Minor Threat
2. Judge
3. Gorilla Biscuits
4. Youth of Today
5. Earth Crisis
6.. No For An Answer
7. Chain Of Strength
8. Mouthpiece
9. Unbroken
10. Bold