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Frank Fanelli ex-The World We Knew launches C.A.T. Clothing

Published by Dan SW

Following in the footsteps of great men like Nick Jett of Carry On / Terror / BGSD, ex-The World We Knew frontman Frank Fanelli has launched his own racy clothing line following the recent announcement of the band’s break-up. The clothing line, entitled C.A.T. Clothing, is the culmination of two of Frank’s most passionate interests.

Here, he explains:

Most of you have been following me throughout my journey singing for THE WORLD WE KNEW, and a lot of my friends/fans know that I’m a cat, and boob fanatic! So much so that people all over the country would write me, and tag me in pictures that they thought would spark my interest almost every day. Fans have been giving me gifts regarding both things for years. It’s overwhelming, and extremely thoughtful!

So, after much deliberation, I decided to put my ideas to life by bringing you a fun clothing line based off of my ridiculous interests!Lo and behold, I give you C.A.T (Cats and Tits) CLOTHING!

A number of items from C.A.T. Clothing are now available through their online store.

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