Two Words break up


Italian Straight Edge band Two Words have broken up. The band made the announcement Thursday after announcing the loss of vocalist/frontman Paolo Romagnuolo on Monday.

From the band:

Hi guys, friends, brothers
I’m here to bring some bad news. Unfortunately, Two Words have call their quits: GAME OVER.

It was a very hard choice, a very harsh decision and a little bit frustrating, but after almost 4 years the final chapter of this tale is written and we are moving ahead. The band was falling apart since the final recordings of “Rejoining The Forces”.

Although Steve and Freddy tried till the end to keep the flame burnin’, Two Words was like a walking dead and it was no longer possible to keep the pieces together. Personal issues, the lack of [compromise] from some of the band members not willing to play live shows to promote the band, made the rest of us feeling so powerless to continue. Thanks to everyone out there who really supported us from the start till the end, we will miss you.

Two Words

Two Words was originally formed in 2020 and put out two records: 'Pledge of Allegiance' in 2021 on Goodwill Records, and 'Rejoining the Forces' in 2023 on Crucial Response Records.