John Joseph: Meat Is For Pussies

If you’re reading this, you may or may not claim edge. That’s fine. There is also a high chance that if you’re reading this, you listen to Hardcore. If you haven’t forgotten your roots, the name John “Bloodclot” Joseph should ring a bell. You may know the former Bad Brains roadie for his hard hitting vocals by way of NYHC legendary and highly influential band, The Cro Mags or his intense quarrels (no pun intended) with former bandmate Harley Flanagan, but today you’ll also know him for his hardcore plant-based, organic, clean-living lifestyle.

John Joseph’s Meat Is For Pussies is a no holds barred look into the truths about our meat industry, our pharmaceutical industry (or pharmas as he calls them), the myths of plant based dieting, fitness, the environment, and this country’s overall lack of knowledge of what we are putting into our bodies. While chapter titles such as “Meat for Your Meat” and “Diets Are for Jerk-Offs” are humorous and possibly offensive, they’re definitely meant to grab your attention more than anything.  He tackles each issue in depth and in detail, by giving well researched facts and quotes, as well as speaking from his own experiences.

Joseph never comes off as preachy or as a ‘grass loving, all natural hippie’ that vegans are normally stereotypically depicted as. He constantly reminds you that continuous years of consistent research as well as every day “experimenting” on his own body and mind have built up a solid conclusion as to what works for him, and what does not work for him. The book features pictures and brief intros by some of the worlds most renowned vegan athletes in all different areas of competition, disproving the myth that as an athlete, a meat-based diet is a requirement to excel in your sport.

 The book truly cuts down the B.S. belief that meat makes a man macho, and that meat is necessary to be aggressive and competitive. He proves chapter after chapter that you can be a bad ass, professional-level athlete, or hardcore singer at age 47 (Joseph’s age when released), and live happily and healthily with an animal-free diet.

Unlike many “lose weight, get ripped” scam diets and books, this actually not only guides you by giving you the tools and path to succeed in living a long term HEALTHY life, but John also breaks down how the human body works and why certain choices are much healthier and cleaner to make than others.

Joseph really faces every issue head on, as he gets in-depth about our government’s hand, or rather the food industry’s hand, in the government’s way of handling many issues we face not only as a nation, but as a people of the world. From farming to consumerism, to demographic and social class problems, the book is much deeper than just a dieting/fitness book. It’s a way of life. It shows how everything we as people do is connected. He touches on his Hare Krishna beliefs about Karma but he does not force it down your throat. You don’t have to be religious or spiritual to be compassionate.

Aside from everything mentioned, Joseph also gives you a 7-day kick-start dieting/work-out routine, a number of simple vegan recipes that will knock you on your ass if you think veganism is all about sprouts and grass, a list of books and cook books that have inspired him, and much more.

 I read this book after almost one year of being meat-free and about 6 months of veganism. It has become my bible in that it has inspired me to take full control of my life and make the best choices possible for my mind and body. I recommend this book to EVERYONE, meat eater, vegetarian, vegan, straight edge, non edge, does not matter. There is a lot to be learned in this book, for everyone. It’s also a fun read as John’s way of writing is true to that NYHC, hold-no-punches style.

So do your self a favor, if you’re drug and alcohol free, why not make the complete step in researching what to put into your body to make a happier and healthier lifestyle. If you’re already vegan, vegetarian, or considering trying either of those lifestyles out (I stress lifestyle because it is more than just a simple diet), I highly recommend this book. If you’re an athlete looking to perform at a higher caliber, you should open up this book. It’s been enlightening and quite educational for me, and I hope the same for you.

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