Good Intentions release 20-Year Anniversary Live Set

Published by Dan SW


Legendary Brazilian Straight Edge band Good Intention have released a pro-shot video of their 20th Anniversary show. The band, formed in Sao Paolo in 2000, played the anniversary show on January 26, 2020 with Understand, Cosmogonia, and Helio Suzuki's band Questions.  The video of the full set was released one year later, on January 26, 2021, alongside a live album. Watch the full set below.

From the band:

Show realizado em 26 de janeiro do fatídico ano de 2020, comemorando os 20 anos de existência da banda. Dividiram o palco conosco nesse evento as bandas Understand, Cosmogonia e Questions. Além da palestra dada por nosso camarada David do MST, núcleo Carlos Marighella, com o tema " A Propriedade Fundiária do Brasil e o Papel do MST e a Produção no Campo". E todo pessoal que participou vendendo material independente e comida vegan.

Show held on January 26 of the fateful year of 2020, commemorating the band's 20 years of existence.

The bands Understand, Cosmogonia and Questions shared the stage with us at this event. In addition to the lecture given by our comrade David from the MST, Carlos Marighella, with the theme "The Land Property of Brazil and the Role of the MST and Production in the Field". And all the people who participated selling independent material and vegan food.

Video by Ailton Lucena, Yuri Nieto, Gabriel Sano Sugui, Luisa Riekes, Thiago Rodrigues and Augusto Cuello. Video Editing by Gabriel Sano Sugui. Audio by Bruno Vallim and Guilherme Oliveira. Mixing and Mastering at GAS Studios by Rafael Jordão, Bruno Vallim and Fausto Oi. Art Direction by Rafael Stringasci. Photography by Wander Willian.