[VIDEO] ClearXPath: Devil’s Pockets

Published by Dan SW


Netherlands straight edge band ClearXPath

Netherlands straight edge band ClearXPath have released a new music video, for the song Devil’s Pockets. It’s their first video off their upcoming Commitment Records release Wolf Pack, due to be out this January 2014.

From the band:

It came to our attention that some of you are misunderstanding the video in combination with the lyrics of our new official video Devil’s Pockets.

The phrase “But at least you made some money, hey let the good times roll” is somewhat a sarcastic phrase. It has nothing to do with the positivity of the people. [It’s] the positivity the [government] get over the backs of others. So [that’s] why that sentence kicks in with the horrific images of dead bodies. [Let’s] face it this is the reality.

There was no [thoughts] of racism and discrimination while we made this video. The song is about chaos and how far [governments] will go for power and money..

A word of warning regarding the video: the visual images can be graphic at times, and some viewers may be offended.