[VIDEO] CONTWIG: A sleepless night full of rage with the target of my knife as only doubt

Published by Dan SW


Geoff from Contwig and More Dangerous

Geoff from More Dangerous Than A Thousand Rioters has debuted a frenetic new mathcore project. The new band, CONTWIG, have released their new EP as a video performance, divided into four sections.

We spoke to Geoff about the record:

Hi, I’m Geoff, I’m doing almost all the vocal stuff in a new band we started a few months ago with members of Another Five Minutes, More Dangerous Than a Thousand Rioters, and Amoeba. We are called CONTWIG and we play some chaotic hardcore/mathcore mainly influenced by bands such as loma prieta, the chariot etc. We just released a 4-tracks concept EP about the life of a character who experiences the gender binary oppression. We did a homemade video clip with the 4 songs.

I’m running the Straight Edge label BG Records with Florian and we are definitely a DIY, anti-sexist, anticapitalist and strictly antifascist band.

The new CONTWIG record will be out on BG Records soon! In the meantime, enjoy the album presented as a long-play video! For fans of out of focus video. Although the question remains – was it shot out of focus? Or blurred in post-processing?