[VIDEO] Get The Shot: Cold Hearted

Published by Dan SW


Jean-Philippe X Lagace and Get The Shot

Quebec City’s Get The Shot have released their first music video off their newest LP No Peace In Hell. The video, for the song Cold Hearted, is directed by Daniel X Vandal of KREACT.

We spoke to Daniel about the video:

Cold Hearted was an amazing experience. We had Hardcore kids from all over the province that day, some even drove 9 hours to be a part of it. This was the third time that Get The Shot trusted me in making their official music videos (Breathing fire, Cost Of Denial). Since our first collaboration in 2012, one thing that [has] linked us is we both see the HC Kids as the protagonist. It’s no secret, a Hardcore scene is built by the ones involved, the ones who comes to the shows, [start] bands and help promote it. Their passion makes the video.

Without a doubt, Get The Shot is one of the best hardcore band to see live right now.

Cold Hearted is out now on Demons Run Amok Records. Check out the video below: