[VIDEO] H2O: True Romance

Published by Dan SW

Toby Morse (center) and H2O

Toby Morse (center) and H2O

Toby Morse and H2O have released a new music video off their latest Use Your Voice record. The video, for True Romance (one of the best songs on the record) has been compiled from photos of the band’s fans and friends. Notable appearances include Phil “CM Punk” Brooks, Dan Smith, and Alyssa White-Gluz. Watch the music video below.

From the band:

Thank you everyone for all the submissions. We originally were going to have some live performance footage of true romance filmed at our London show. We appreciate everyone who came out and filmed our show that night. We had so many photos submissions that we couldn’t even fit in the length of the song, haha. We’ve sung about love since our first 7inch on Equal Vision “I know why” and have always been very open with sharing our personal off tour lives with everyone through our music. We wanted our friends, fans & family to get a chance to share theirs with us through this song. Enjoy!

Thank you everyone for all of these awesome personal photos. This was originally going to have H2O live footage in it. But there were so many photos submitted we can only fit photos so no one gets left out.This video is for our Friends,Family’s & Fans. H2O are all married man who have amazing wives who have dealt with us touring, being big kids & living our dreams. We are all blessed. We’ve always prided ourselves on sharing our personal lives through our music. We wanted YOU to share yours in this one. Thanks to all of friends for the awesome photos!!!!!!!